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Chef Paul Gauthier OUT at Meritage

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The chef's menu was "uninspired," says an owner.


More changes are on the way at Meritage, the Fitler Square staple that has spent the better part of the past year trying to nail down a new identity after last spring's departure of chef Anne Coll. A tipster told Eater Philly that Paul Gauthier, who was just officially named executive chef in December, "has chosen to leave" the restaurant as of this past weekend. (The details surrounding Gauthier's exit have not been confirmed.)

Meritage co-owner Michele DiPietro did, however, confirm that Gauthier is out, explaining that "Paul's uninspired menu was not received well." There's no word yet on who Gauthier's replacement will be, though DiPietro says they're working on "refining the direction of" the restaurant as it heads into its ninth year.

Coll earned the restaurant three bells from the Inquirer before she moved on to rejoin former boss Susanna Foo, leaving former sous Adam Ratmoko to be promoted to exec, but that rating slipped to the "low-two-bell" range in the fall. Gauthier's stint as executive chef lasted just about three months.

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