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Watch a Pizza Shop Owner Tackle a Would-Be Donation Jar Bandit

He allegedly tried to make off with $10.

A Plymouth Meeting pizza shop owner apparently thwarted an alleged thief on St. Patrick's Day, tackling him to the ground to detain him until police could be summoned to the shop. The footage, captured by surveillance cameras at Tony's Pizza, shows 23-year-old, green-clad Peter Faiss allegedly lifting $10 from a donation jar to benefit a local Little League team.

As the shop owner tells Action News, Faiss told the employee at the counter he was interested in applying for a job. The employee went to the back to fetch his boss, who says he was watching from his office as Faiss reportedly unscrewed the jar and grabbed a wad of bills, shoving them into his pocket.

The video shows Tony come out to the front of the shop and promptly take Faiss down. While subdued, Faiss reportedly apologized and told the owner it was his birthday. Bizarrely, the owner says that day was his birthday, too.