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The Gaslight Is Taking a Break

Top Chef alum Jason Cichonski's Old City bar is currently closed, reportedly due to flooding from a burst pipe.

The Gaslight/Official

Jason Cichonski's Gaslight in Old City has been shuttered for a little over a week now, citing a frozen pipe overhead that burst and caused flooding in the restaurant. According to a rep for the bar, the Gaslight plans to remain closed for about two more weeks. The rep says damage is worse than was initially thought, and reports that similar problems throughout the city resulted in delays getting workers in for repairs.

The official statement also notes that the team is "very excited to train new staff and work on the spring menu" during the break, which couldn't hurt, given the Gaslight's troubled first year. Craig LaBan issued a controversial one-bell review for the bar and restaurant, and Cichonski himself has alluded to ongoing internal problems including staffing headaches.

The shutter also came just after Cichonski posted this "chefsorcism" to Instagram — a ritualistic cleansing with burning sage to "[purge] the kitchen of bad juju and negativity" that clearly does not seem to have worked:

Purging the kitchen of bad juju and negativity @gaslightphilly. #donteorrybehappy #chefsersism

A photo posted by @jasoncichonski on

Stay tuned for updates to the situation as we monitor whether or not the Gaslight is in fact able to "reopen better than ever" according to schedule.

The Gaslight

120 Market St, Philadelphia, PA 19106 (215) 925-7691