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Here's a Sneak Peek at Han Dynasty's Chef's Night Out for Munchies

Han Chiang and crew set out this week to shoot a presumably raucous video for Vice — and it's not the only Philly episode they'll air this spring.

Han Dynasty/Facebook

In 2012, Amis chef Brad Spence headlined a video for Vice's Munchies, and Han Dynasty chef-owner Han Chiang sort of stole the show. Now Han's getting his own episode in the Chef's Night Out series, which shot this week and is scheduled to air on Vice on Thursday, April 26.

Han Dynasty posted a few teaser photos to Facebook, showing stops at Amis, Isaiah Zagar's mosaic-festooned warehouse space for a meal with South Philly Barbacoa's Ben Miller and Cristina Martinez, and Old City's Prime Stache, with visits from the likes of heartily bearded Eagles star Jason Kelce.

Bonus intel: Vice also tells us that Marc Vetri has his own Chef's Night Out episode in the works, which should hit the site in May.

[Photo: Han Dynasty/Facebook]

[Photo: Han Dynasty/Facebook]