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Do Whatever You Must to Prepare Yourself for Salted Caramel Budino Doughnuts

Barbuzzo's crowning achievement will become a doughnut, because sometimes magical things happen in this world.

First test batch of our salted caramel crusted budino filled donut! #comingsoon

A photo posted by Valerie Safran (@valeriesafran) on

Fans of Barbuzzo's salted caramel budino have a whole new reason to go on living, now that Valerie Safran has promised the eventual arrival of a salted caramel-crusted, budino-filled doughnut.

While they're currently still in the product testing phase, a rep for Safran and Marcie Turney's 13th Street empire tells us that the plan is to sell the doughnuts at Verde, along the lines of their notorious frozen budino pops. Stay tuned for updates once they're ready for their big debut.