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The Pass Announces Its Final Dinner Service

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Matt Ridgway will close his Rosemont, NJ restaurant in a matter of weeks.

The Pass/Facebook

Chef-charcutier Matt Ridgway today announced an end date for his Rosemont, NJ French restaurant, The Pass. In a statement posted to the restaurant's official website, Saturday, April 25 is cited as the bistro's final dinner service.

Per that statement, Ridgway will move on — "like the proverbial rolling stone that gathers no moss" — to an undisclosed "attractive new opportunity in another city."

In addition to notable stints elsewhere, Ridgway cooked in some of Philly's premier kitchens (including Lacroix and the Fountain at the Four Seasons) before launching charcuterie line PorcSalt, originally out of Warminster. He later moved that operation to Rosemont (near New Hope/Lambertville) and debuted the restaurant in the spring of 2013. The Pass met with critical acclaim, including an "excellent" rating from former NYT Jersey dining critic Karla Cook.

The Pass, 88 Kingwood Stockton Road (Rosemont, NJ), (609) 961-1887, open through April 25, 2015.