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The Salted Caramel Budino Doughnut Has Arrived

Barbuzzo's signature dessert has inspired a new dessert mashup.

Last month, restaurateur Valerie Safran shared a sneak peek at a new doughnut in the testing phase, inspired by chef Marcie Turney's iconic salted caramel budino at Barbuzzo — and everyone (understandably) went a little bit nuts.

And now, it's here. Or almost here, at any rate.

The budino doughnut will be available (at $4 apiece) on Friday, April 17 and Saturday, April 18 at sibling shop Verde, at the Marcie Blaine Chocolate counter. They'll start selling them promptly at 10 a.m. and go until they sell out. And if the performance of the limited-edition frozen budino pops they've sold before is any indication, you should expect them to sell out fairly quickly.

As to exactly what to expect from the doughnut, it's described as vanilla-glazed yeast donut filled with budino, rolled in a salted caramel crunch topping, and finished with dark chocolate cookie crumbs and a sprinkle of fleur de sel.


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