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This Soft Pretzel Thinks It's Tim Tebow

Philly Pretzel Factory welcomes the newest Eagle with an edible effigy of himself.


Philly Pretzel Factory has wasted no time welcoming quarterback Tim Tebow back to the NFL and onto the Philadelphia Eagles in the only way that makes sense: by creating a soft pretzel in the form of a meme we all hoped would have died years ago. Tebow's one-year deal with the franchise was just finalized on Sunday and announced on Monday, but cases of Tebowing pretzels have already been sent to the Eagles and made the morning show rounds.

The Pretzel Factory has stated that, for now, the pretzels are available for $1 apiece at their Mayfair location. (If that's too far for you, they say you can call any location and ask if they'll make some — apparently "most stores will make custom pretzels upon request," which opens up a fascinating new world of possibilities.) It's still undecided how long they'll be available or how widespread they may become, but PPF has floated the possibility on Twitter of a recurring Tebow special on Sundays.

Philly Pretzel Factory - Mayfair

7366 Frankford Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19136, USA