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Opening Alert: Tired Hands Fermentaria Making Ardmore a Little More Strange and Beautiful

In just a few years, the singular microbrewery is expanding in a big way.

Tired Hands/Official

Now open in Ardmore, Tired Hands Fermentaria is the second brewpub for Tired Hands Brewing Company, which has quickly made a name for itself via its "strange and beautiful" beers drawing influence from French and Belgian farmhouse ale traditions. The new spot is just down the road from its original Brew Cafe, which opened its doors in 2012. The original isn't going anywhere, but this second location will provide significantly more capacity for both guests and production, as well as a totally different menu. The Fermentaria kitchen is highlighting eclectic tacos, with at handful of small plates including ceviches and crudos, a few heartier entrees, and desserts.

To give a sense of just how much larger the Fermentaria is, owner Jean Broillet told Main Line Media News that "the kitchen is the same square footage as the whole first floor at the cafe." Though they won't hit maximum capacity for some years, the new space should allow Tired Hands eventually to turn out 10,000 barrels a year. For the sake of comparison, their original space maxed out at 1,000 to 1,500 barrels per year.

Who would like to join Jean and Magick Man at our thirty-six person Viking table? #Fermentaria

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The Fermentaria opens at noon daily except for Tuesdays, when it's closed. The website lists closing time as midnight, but consider that malleable for now.

Tired Hands Fermentaria, 35 Cricket Terrace in Ardmore, now open.

Tired Hands Fermentaria

35 Cricket Terrace, , PA 19003 (484) 413-2983 Visit Website