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This Clam Pizza Should Make All Other Clam Pizzas Feel a Deep Sense of Shame

What the actual heck.

Pizza alle vongole @brigantessaphila

A photo posted by Joe Cicala (@joe_cicala) on

What does "clam pizza" mean to you? A normal old pizza, easily recognizable as pizza, with some clams scattered on top? Aw, that's cute.

Available now at Brigantessa as part of a slew of fun and unusual (but still authentic, we're assured) off-menu pizzas, "La Conchiglia" effectively uses pizza crust as an edible bowl for a whole mess of clams steamed with wine and garlic. The Neapolitan pizza specialist has already been challenging diners to tear gleefully into their pizza with their hands, but this would seem to take it to a new level.

Here's a video helpfully illustrating all the unusual pizzas chef Joe Cicala has to show off, most of which are not actually listed on the menu but will be available upon request, starting tonight.


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