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Woman Allegedly Steals Backpack Full of Weapons During Casual Al Fresco Meal

Lunch in Northern Liberties gets complicated.

Africa Studio/Shutterstock

Philly police are searching for an unidentified female suspect who interrupted her seemingly run-of-the-mill outdoor meal at Cantina Dos Segundos to duck inside the restaurant and lift a backpack left behind by another customer. Surveillance camera footage of the incident then shows the suspect hop through the open window and casually settle back in at her table on the sidewalk with her dining companion, chatting on her cell phone all the while.

The owner of the backpack told police that the bag contained a banal arsenal of personal effects (keys, reading glasses) as well as an actual arsenal: Stashed inside were a gun, described as a "Ruger LCP semiautomatic .380 loaded with five [5] rounds," and a knife, described simply as "a knife." The .380 Ruger is a subcompact pistol better known to some as the gun Texas governor Rick Perry once used to kill a coyote that threatened his dog.

The incident took place on the afternoon of Monday, April 6. Philly Police welcome any tips or leads as they search for the suspect, via their tipline at (215) 686-8477. Here's the full video:

Cantina Dos Segundos

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