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Food Truck Stars Going Brick-and-Mortar With Revolution Taco

The owners of Street Food Philly, Taco Mondo, and Say Cheese are joining forces for a new Rittenhouse taqueria.

Taco Mondo/Facebook

With approval from the zoning board in hand, Revolution Taco is officially set to launch in Rittenhouse. The upcoming taco and burrito shop is the brainchild of food truck operators Carolyn Nguyen and Mike Sultan (Street Food Philly, Taco Mondo) and Alan Krawitz (Say Cheese). It's expected to open in June or July of this year.

A previous report from Danya Henninger for offers details on the plans, which are geared toward affordable takeout but will also offer seating for about 30. The shop will be BYOB. Though the concept is Mexican-inspired, Street Food and Taco Mondo are both known for including plenty of twists and global influences in their menus, so the end result is likely to be highly unique.

Revolution Taco, 2015 Walnut Street, opening summer 2015.