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Laurel Is Expanding on East Passyunk, Getting a Bar

Nick Elmi has big plans for the former Dante space next door.

More major changes are on the way at Laurel, Top Chef winner Nick Elmi's tiny BYOB on East Passyunk. Namely, it's about to become a bit less tiny, and it's getting a bar. According to a report from the Insider, Elmi plans this summer to expand the restaurant into the space next door, which will house some additional seating and a 12-seat bar.

Last year, Elmi talked to Eater Philly about adding some kitchen space and reconfiguring the dining room's very limited existing space a bit, noting that he "would love to be able to have wine service" if only he had the space for it. Looks like he found the room: Dante came and went in a flash at neighboring 1615 East Passyunk, making way for the expansion.

Look for work to take place this summer, with the new bar area expected to open after the restaurant's August holiday. (Elmi told the Insider that BYOB will continue "in some capacity.") It's not the only big change for the restaurant this year: Just this month, Laurel also made the transition to a fully tasting menu-only format.


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