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The Franklin Debuts New Cocktail Tasting Menu for Spring

Head bartender Sara Justice has introduced a new progressive tasting to go with the warmer weather.

Franklin head bartender Sara Justice.
Franklin head bartender Sara Justice.
Neal Santos

Get ready to put in some serious time at the bar: The Franklin Mortgage & Investment Co. has debuted its latest multi-course cocktail tasting menu, themed to spring.

The progressive tasting menu format was introduced to the Franklin this year by head bartender Sara Justice, who replaced Mike Treffehn after he moved to Portland. Justice showcased her first cocktail tasting menu (inspired by Pennsylvania Dutch cuisine and holiday flavors) on New Year's Eve, before giving a version of it a more permanent place on the menu.

The new spring menu includes five cocktails (plus a few "supplemental libations" — think amuse bouche, palate cleanser, etc.) for $65 per person before tax and tip. Here's what you'll be drinking:


It Begins with a Seed
Reposado tequila, mezcal, sunflower seed and malva flower, served hot

Sweater Weather
Bourbon, grapefruit, fennel, Peychaud's bitters, whipped Earl Grey honey, served up

In Bloom
American gin, dry vermouth, chamomile, white chocolate, honey grappa, served up

Berry Patch
Barbados rum, strawberry, wheat berry, cream, and egg white, served up

Fruits of Our Labor

London dry gin, Bonal, green Chartreuse, honeydew melon, mint, lime and pineapple juices, served on crushed ice

Franklin Mortgage & Investment Co.

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