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Pizzeria Vetri Rittenhouse Nears the Finish Line

The second location of Pizzeria Vetri is just a couple of weeks away.

An in-progress shot from over the weekend.
An in-progress shot from over the weekend.
Pizzeria Vetri/Facebook

The new Rittenhouse location of Pizzeria Vetri has really taken shape in a flurry of work these past weeks, and is now putting on the finishing touches for opening. The official start date will be Tuesday, June 2, according to the Insider.

Aside from the fact that this second shop has more space than the original, expect the menu and experience to be largely the same. And keep an eye out for more locations to sprout up soon outside of Philly, too: Following up on Vetri's previously stated intention to bring the brand to DC, Philadelphia Business Journal last month caught word that the group was making advances toward two spaces in that city.

Pizzeria Vetri Rittenhouse, 1615 Chancellor St., opening June 2.