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High Street on Market Gets a Major Oven Upgrade

Already nationally renowned for its bread, High Street promises "a whole new chapter" with some new equipment.


Here's a bright spot of news today out of High Street on Market, where the story for the past two weeks has been mainly focused on the serious injuries sustained by chef-partner Eli Kulp in the May 12 Amtrak crash. The restaurant has now shed the Wachtel oven that's been there since 2004 (when Fork etc. still lived in the space), trading up for a new model from MIWE Michael Wenz — or, as baker Alex Bois put it, "two decks of steam-injected MIWE oven glory."

If you're not sure why a shiny new kitchen toy is of any interest to you: Co-owner Ellen Yin told Eater Philly last fall that the restaurant had tripled its volume over the past decade and stretched the old oven to its limits, and that new equipment would allow the kitchen to increase its output and perhaps even take on new wholesale opportunities.

High Street on Market

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