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Opening Alert: Michael Schulson's Rotisserie at the Porch Now Serving

The newest dining option at 30th Street Station has drawn ire from the food trucks it supplanted.

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A shot of the new truck and space, shared last week.
A shot of the new truck and space, shared last week.
The Porch/Facebook

Now open, the Rotisserie at the Porch is a new outdoor dining option at 30th Street Station. It's a new "permanent food truck" operated by Michael Schulson (Sampan, Independence Beer Garden) with a concise menu of salads, sandwiches and burgers, fish tacos, and more. The space has also received design upgrades from Groundswell Design (Morgan's Pier, Spruce Street Harbor Park, IBG).

The Porch at 30th Street opened in 2011 as a public plaza featuring live music, events, and more, and for several seasons played host to a rotating cast of food trucks. Last month, the University City District announced that food truck service would be "suspended" at the Porch in advance of the then-undisclosed replacement — a move that drew an outcry from owners and fans of trucks like Spot Burgers, Mac Mart, and others that frequently set up shop in the plaza. When it was revealed that a new food truck concept would replace them, Spot owner Josh Kim publicly elaborated on his objections via Mobile Food News. Amid questions as to why truck owners were not involved in the planning process (and some accusations that those voicing complaints were being blocked on social media by the Porch and by Schulson), the plans moved forward.

The UCD stated in its original announcement that "UCD believes that high quality public spaces should be built iteratively — with an initially modest capital investment and a feedback loop to inform future improvements. After witnessing increases in usage and enjoyment with each new added amenity, UCD concluded it was time to do a thoughtful but major upgrade." Revenue from the Porch benefits the West Philadelphia Skills Initiative program, which "connects employers and job seekers in West Philadelphia."

Beginning today and running throughout the summer and early fall, the Rotisserie at the Porch will serve lunch seven days a week, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Every Wednesday through Saturday, food service will extend into the evening hours, and will be joined by beer and cocktail service from 4 to 9 p.m.  Here are the full food and drink menus:

Rotisserie at the Porch Food Menu

Rotisserie at the Porch Drinks Menu

The Porch at 30th

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