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Dudes Who Bought PYT's Burger-A-Day Groupon Are Pleased With Themselves, Says Groupon

"This burger deal has been a journey of self-discovery," reports one of the dudes.

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Earlier this year, the stunt-burger savants at PYT offered a Groupon for a burger pass that entitled holders to one burger a day for a full year, all for the low, low price of $144. Given that the pass could easily pay for itself even if you used it only once a month rather than once a day, it would seem safe to assume that at least a handful of buyers are happy with their investment. But on the off-chance you had lingering doubts to that effect, Groupon helpfully interviewed a small group dudes who bought the deal for an update that functions mainly as an ad for PYT.

Of the reported 478 people who shelled out for the deal, Groupon polled five of them — all dudes in their mid-twenties to mid-thirties — for their jokily hyperbolic feelings on their purchase. "Burgers are eaten by men," reads a subheading that is logically devoid of meaning. Opinions of people of any other gender are limited to second-hand info from respondent Wayne, who bought an additional pass for his fiancée. Wayne reports to Groupon on her behalf that "she has been a 'good sport' about having date night at the same burger joint at least every other night, especially since she doesn't eat much red meat." (To clarify, the statement within the post that "the sole woman who holds this Groupon is Wayne's fiancée" refers only to the group consulted for the post — not to the entire field of purchasers, which would be nuts.)

Ultimately, Groupon concludes, buying the Groupon was a good idea.


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