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Anthony Bourdain Says the Best Cheesesteak 'Might Well' Be From Jersey

Watch a preview of Anthony Bourdain's New Jersey episode of Parts Unknown, airing this weekend.

Here's a preview clip from the upcoming Jersey episode of CNN's Parts Unknown, wherein host Anthony Bourdain samples a cheesesteak at Camden institution Donkey's Place. And, never one to shy away from controversy, the blog editor/food hall owner-to-be declares that "the best cheesesteak in the area might well come from New Jersey."

Perhaps to mollify the hordes of Philadelphians that may come after him for placing that stamp of approval on a steak built on a round poppy seed roll (jk, Donkey's, you're great), Bourdain introduces that thought by noting that, rather than being just "the center of the cheesesteak universe," Philly is "better" and "bigger than that."

Another preview video, available to view on CNN's site, shows a segment at Camden's Tony & Ruth's Steaks. The New Jersey episode of Parts Unknown airs on CNN this Sunday, May 31, at 9 p.m.

Donkey's Place

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