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Top Stories on Eater Philly This Week

Relive the week in Eater.

These were the top-performing posts on Eater Philly this week.

· Dudes Who Bought PYT's Burger-A-Day Groupon Are Pleased With Themselves, Says Groupon
Checking in with some of the people who bought the chance to eat stunt burgers every day for a year.

· Anthony Bourdain Says the Best Cheesesteak 'Might Well' Be From Jersey
Watch a preview of Parts Unknown: New Jersey, airing this weekend.

· Get Tipsy at the Movie Theater at Upcoming Studio Movie Grill
A theater with food and booze service right to your seat is coming soon to Upper Darby.

· Sing Your Heart Out at These 9 Philly Karaoke Bars
Where to indulge your inner pop star in Philly.

· The Philly Al Fresco Heatmap: Where to Eat Outside NOW
Freshly updated, the Heatmap is up to 18 outdoor dining hotspots to check out now.