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Brands Invading Philly With Free Tattoos, Giant Measuring Cups, and Rock'n'Roll Ice Cream Trucks

Go nuts interacting with #brands this summer with these marketing stunts.


Marketing stunts hit the Eater Philly inbox all the time, but this summer specifically is looking like an especially hot time for brands shopping around gimmicks to catch the attention of the all-important millennial crowd and... whoever it is that's attracted to oversized measuring cups. Here are three of the most utterly crucial stunts coming up soon:

1. Free Tattoos to Honor Beer Cans

With its typical price tag of three bucks or less, the Champagne of Beers surely sells itself, but that isn't stopping Miller High Life from rolling out the really hard sell of free tattoos. The tattoos will replicate designs from a series of limited edition "American Artist" cans, which features some state-specific cans available only in their local markets, including one for Pennsylvania.

The can art, shown here, was created by NYC artist Dan Cassaro. You can permanently brand yourself with it (or one of a few other "Pennsylvania-inspired designs") courtesy of TV-famous tattoo artist Halo, who will be on hand at Manny Brown's the evening of Thursday, June 25. For commitmentphobes with no sense of brand loyalty, they'll also have temporary tattoos available.

Manny Brown's, 512 South St., June 25, 8 to 11 p.m.

2. A Really Big The Biggest Measuring Cup

If ludicrously oversized versions of everyday household objects are your thing, you're in luck: Pyrex has apparently created a measuring cup worthy of a Guinness World Record, and the company will simultaneously celebrate its 100th anniversary and the very notion of American independence by bringing this eighth man-made wonder of the world to Philly on July 4.

The cup has a capacity of about 3,040 cups and stands "over four feet tall." At the risk of killing joy, we're a little bummed that the world's largest measuring cup is not big enough to tower above us unassisted by a platform, and also that it is made out of acrylic rather than tempered glass, but hey, such is life. Find it during the Wawa Welcome America festival, if you're so moved. If you somehow need more motivation, the press release mentions there will also be Plinko. Plinko, people. Come on.

3. A Good Humor Truck for Our Times

Sure, why not: Good Humor is touring the Northeast this summer doling out samples from an ice cream truck blasting rock and pop hits and touting its own dedicated hashtag, according to AdAge, because nothing says "revamped image" like food trucks, pop music, and social media. So far, we have not seen any specific mention of a push to get people to post selfies with the truck, which feels like a dire oversight.

The truck is in NYC this weekend, with plans to stop in Boston, D.C., and Philly. The Philly tour is scheduled for the week of July 13; the company will share a complete schedule of dates and locations on Twitter when the time comes.