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Tuesdays at Marigold Kitchen Are Now 'Test Kitchen Tuesdays'

One night a week, the cuisine at Marigold will get even more experimental.

Marigold Kitchen/Facebook

Inventive West Philly BYOB Marigold Kitchen will debut Test Kitchen Tuesdays beginning on Tuesday, June 9, breaking from their usual menu one night a week in favor of an experimental meal incorporating whatever's cropping up at local markets or being foraged nearby that week. Test Kitchen Tuesdays will run throughout the summer and will offer a five- to eight-course meal for $65 per person, plus tax and tip. (Other nights, dinner at the tasting menu-only restaurant includes 14 or more courses and now costs $90 a head.)

It's a move reminiscent of the experimental Tuesday night dinners at world renowned Australian restaurant Attica, which chef Ben Shewry famously implemented to test out new ideas and work on dish development on the restaurant's slowest night.

Marigold plans to cap reservations on Tuesdays at 25 people, with the chefs and owners taking the time to talk to guests about the farmers and foragers who supplied the ingredients, as well as the inspiration behind the dishes.

Marigold Kitchen

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