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Hot Pot Specialist Simply Shabu Closes in Chinatown

Following a temporary closure last month, the restaurant has now shut its doors for good.

Simply Shabu/Facebook

After a year and a half focusing on quality shabu-shabu in Chinatown, Simply Shabu closed over the weekend. The BYOB, owned by Dennis Tuan and family, opened in January 2014. It shuttered after service on Sunday, June 7, as announced in a statement posted to the restaurant's Facebook page and official site. It begins:

It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that we are announcing the closing of Simply Shabu. This was an extremely difficult decision for us because we still believe in our vision of a newly-invented hot pot restaurant that focuses on healthy eating and supports local agriculture for a more sustainable future.

The statement goes on to thank employees and customers, adding that they are "walking away with a lot of successes" despite the closure. The restaurant earned a positive two-bell review from Inquirer critic Craig LaBan last spring.

Just last month, the restaurant posted notice of a temporary closure citing a family vacation and, after the original time frame for the break was extended, a menu revamp. Following almost three weeks of downtime, the restaurant announced its permanent closure after two weeks back in action.

Simply Shabu was noted for being the only dedicated shabu-shabu spot in Chinatown when it opened. Competitive additions in the ensuing year and a half include shabu-only Hippot, and Nine Ting, which offers all-you-can-eat hot pot and Korean barbecue.

Simply Shabu

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