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Jason Cichonski to Open 1100 Social at Xfinity Live

The chef of Ela and the Gaslight wants to "focus on the harmony of Asian and Mexican flavors."

Spectrum Grill/Xfinity Live

Here comes something new from Jason Cichonski, one-time Top Chef contestant and chef at Ela and the Gaslight. It's called 1100 Social and it's going into stadium-adjacent megatainment complex Xfinity Live, reports the Insider today, as part of a larger expansion and reno of the venue. Cichonski will take over the Spectrum Grill space, which had announced it would be closed until mid-September pending "exciting changes."

Cichonski tells the Insider that the concept aims to cater to large groups with sharing-friendly dishes "focusing on the harmony of Asian and Mexican flavors." (Hopefully the marriage is more successful than at short-lived Thai taqueria Tuk Tuk Real.)

Cichonski's last venture, the Gaslight, faced a bumpy road early on, including a number of staffing issues and a controversial kinda-one-bell review from Inquirer critic Craig LaBan. Following a temporary shutter to regroup, positive reviews of the bar have picked up and things have presumably turned around enough to free Cichonski to focus on something new.