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Upcoming Kawaii Kitty Cafe Teases Cats in the Best Possible Ways

Cats don't know if the boxes they're sitting in are funny, and humans should definitely exploit that fact.

Kawaii Kitty Cafe/Facebook

Philly's first in-the-works cat cafe, Kawaii Kitty Cafe, still doesn't have a location pinned down, nor is its planned IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign yet live. (It's slated to launch very soon, so stay tuned.) In the meantime, the cafe's Facebook page is giving the people what they really want: funny cat photos.

In addition to the photo above, starring cafe owner Kristin Eissler's own cat, Zissou, the cafe shared its intent to provide these as snuggle stations for its adoptable residents:

We just bought some of these for the cafe! Poor kitty if only he knew he was seconds away from being eaten

Posted by Kawaii Kitty Cafe on Monday, July 6, 2015

Eissler told Joe Mason on his podcast last week that she found Zissou in a (presumably less humorous) box by the side of road near Ambler; she also talks a bit more about the challenges of finding a location, the stress of "making people's dreams come true," and some of the perks that will be offered during the cafe's crowdfunding round. And it sounds like Graduate Hospital has been added to the list of possible neighborhoods, which previously centered solely on northern neighborhoods.

Zissou fans should also probably give the cafe a follow on Instagram.