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Townsend Wentz's Fairmount Spot Finally Has a Name

Never again will anyone have to utter the words "forthcoming Townsend Wentz Italian project."


It's been an excruciatingly long time coming, but the upcoming Italian BYOB from chef-owner Tod Wentz (Townsend) finally has a name, and that name is A Mano. (That is to say, "by hand.") The crucial fact was casually dropped today in's fall restaurant preview, signalling that hype-averse Wentz must be feeling confident that an opening is finally within striking distance. A specific opening date for A Mano, however, has not yet been named.

First word of the long-nameless project at 23rd and Fairmount emerged in early 2014, months before sibling spot Townsend opened in May of that year. During a recent visit to Townsend, Wentz blamed the long lead time on a series of major structural issues uncovered during renovations of the corner space, which was formerly a grocery store.

A Mano, 2244 Fairmount Ave., opening fall 2015.