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Kanella Reopens Tonight to Philadelphia's Delight

The return of the Cypriot kitchen.

Last weekend, Kanella teased us with a bar-party, and tonight, the dearly departed Cypriot restaurant rises from the ashes.

Chef Konstantinos Pitsillides is as ready as ever to give Philly back the Levantine cuisine we've gone so long without. The new Kanella will rock a full bar, as opposed to the old Spruce Street BYOB, stocked with Mediterranean wines and cocktails (many of which involve ingredients that come directly from Pitsillides's mise en place). The kitchen, now boasting a charcoal grill, wood-fire oven, and rotisserie, will allow Chef Pitsillides to break free from those small BYOB chains, and really give him a chance to spoil us with his East Mediterranean specialties.