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Restaurant Neuf Is Very Close to Opening

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Opening menu and pictures inside.

A few weeks ago, the folks over at Restaurant Neuf launched their social media campaign: Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Bob Moysan, co-owner and husband of chef/owner Joncarl Lachman, put his photography to good use, giving us a sneak peak of what's to come for the Italian Market's newest member.

Yesterday, Lachman gave us an even sneakier peak...

Being one of Eater's Most Anticipated Fall Openings Of 2015, Lachman promises a September 30th opening. Chef Chadwick Smith, having just finished up a recent stint at Bing Bing, will take the reigns as sous chef at Neuf, while chef Malik Ali, previously of Noord, will hold a sous/pastry chef role.

Here's the opening menu:

neuf menu

Happy Hour at Neuf will be from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m., featuring many meal and drink combinations, most of them to share. Lachman encourages people to come after work, sit at the bar together, and share their day over a half-carafe of wine, alongside mutton burgers or bouillabaisse. His bouillabaisse will be presented the classic way: the broth presented first with rusk and rouille, and the seafood arriving after you've already dug in.

Jesse Cornell, previously of Vesper, will be the big man behind the bar. The wine list is French-heavy, but the regional cuisine-specific wine selection from Morocco, Lebanon, Spain, and the Canary Islands is definitely something to look out for. Cornell is especially excited about his cocktail list: classic, without pretense, and with a slight focus on cognac.

All of the restaurant's artwork comes from the delicate hand of Moysan (make sure to get up close to his paintings — the amount of detail that goes into his work is astounding). If you sit at the "kushari bar" (a small food-bar against the wall, meant for kushari during happy hour, or just casual dining), you'll notice an almost three-dimensional mural of Moysan's collection of tiny liquor bottles from 'round the world.

Much of Neuf will be an ode to the classic restaurant, with menu items and specials written on mirrors, classic bistro tableware, and North African food with a French accent. "I want to show Philly that French food can be tough," says Lachman.

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Restaurant Neuf will be open Tuesday through Sunday, with the kitchen open from 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., and the bar open till 12:00 a.m.