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Kensington's Getting a New Bar and Her Name is Martha

The revival of a historical brewery in Kensington means sour beer and hoagies for all.

In Kensington, on the corner of E. York St. & Martha St. sits a big, old building, originally part of the Weisbrod and Hess brewery complex. Neglected for many years, the property is now gutted, and building out to what will soon be Martha.

Martha is a collaboration between two Fishtown developers, Cary Borish and Michael Parsell, and Khyber Pass Pub vet, Jon Medlinsky. The space will feature a long wooden bar that stretches the length of the building, a fireplace, a guest-operated record player, curvy banquettes, balcony seating, and even patio seating and a bocce ball court for the warmer months.


Over the years, Medlinsky dedicated himself to becoming a sour beer expert, and he'll be sure to incorporate his love for all things sour and fermented into the beverage menus at Martha. The locally focused 24-tap system will pour sour and hoppy beers, natural wines, draft cocktails, and also a few non-alcoholic options — but not the usual suspects (I see you, San Pellegrino Aranciata Rossa). Instead, expect draft kombucha, kefir (fermentation love), and ReAnimator nitro coffee.


Martha's kitchen will have standard bar fare: vegetable plates, charcuterie, and house pickles (by bartender-about-town, Mike Landers), but more notably — hoagies. Medlinsky knows the telltale sign of a good hoagie is the quality of its bread, so he asked nationally recognized pizza savant, Joe Beddia to design the hoagie bread for Martha, and once perfected, Philly Bread will produce the rolls.

An opening date has not been released, but we're estimating sometime early next year. Stay tuned for more updates, and be sure to follow along on their Instagram for surprisingly artsy pictures of the new space.


2113 East York Street, , PA 19125 (215) 867-8881 Visit Website