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Sip-N-Glo Opens Tomorrow in Rittenhouse

Rittenhouse just got a whole lot healthier.

"I was tired of not being able to get spinach in my smoothie."

Kristin Lubsen, the super friendly, high-energy owner of Sip-N-Glo Juicery, used to carry a handful of spinach on her wherever she went because she wanted some certainty out of her juice cleanse — and most places she frequented didn't provide. Sip-N-Glo was born of that mentality: getting the most out of whatever you're trying to do stay healthy. She opened her South Street location a little over a year ago with great success (with a centrally located yoga studio and a Whole Foods across the street, she opened on what might be the healthiest corner in Philadelphia).


Sip-N-Glo's second location, 257 S. 20th Street, opens tomorrow, and will act sort of as a commissary for her other location, and any other Sip-N-Glos she decides to open in the future. All juices are cold-pressed with a giant machine (below) that first juices, and then mechanically squeezes the pulp so no nutrients are lost in the scrum.


Besides a more extensive line of juices and smoothies, the Rittenhouse location will now be able to change its menu seasonally. There's a new cleanse menu, a 1 oz. shot "flight" of liquid nutrients, such as wheatgrass and other nutrient blends, homemade nut butters and granola, kombucha (thanks to a collaboration with Inspired Brews), superfood smoothie boosters, and house-harvested honey. Lubsen partnered with Philadelphia Bee Company, and now owns a whole bunch of bees (she'd originally wanted a rooftop beehive at her South Street location, but her neighbors weren't into it).


Sip-N-Glo opens tomorrow, October 1st at 8:00 a.m. and you can find the menu here . Oh, and do yourself a favor: get the Hangover Helper, even if you don't have one.

Sip-n-Glo Juicery Rittenhouse

20th St & Latimer St, Philadelphia, PA 19103 (215) 372-7555