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The Ultimate Guide to 2016 Winter Restaurant Openings in Philly

New year, new Philly: It's 2016, and it's time to take a closer look at the restaurants that will be making headlines in the coming months. Some have been a long time coming, others only recently announced, but rest assured, Philly's dining scene rolls forth, no matter the frigid weather conditions. Check out Eater Philly's Most Anticipated Winter Opening Report — this year is off to a great start.

Hungry Pigeon
Hungry Pigeon
Photo By Hillary Petrozziello

Hungry Pigeon

Address: 743 South 4th Street
From: Scott Schroeder and Pat O'Malley
The situation: The simple, easy, all-day café is any minute from officially opening its doors. Reunited after almost a decade since working at once-four bell ¡Pasion!, chefs Scott Schroeder (South Philly Taproom, American Sardine Bar) and Pat O'Malley (Balthazar's) are bringing your morning pastry-and-coffee stop, quick lunch, and cheffy dinner to Queen Village. 
Projected opening: Next week.
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Address: 1535 South 11th Street
From: Lou Boquilla 
The situation: Filipino food finally makes its grand introduction to Philly by way of a tiny BYOB wedged between Gennaro's and Fond looking over East Passyunk's Singing Fountain . Lou Boquilla (Audrey Claire) hopes to bring the food of his childhood to diners looking for a new spark and spice to their Philly-eating repertoire.
Projected opening: First quarter 2016.
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Saté kampar

Address: 1837 East Passyunk Avenue
From: Ange and John Branca 
The situation: Philly's Restaurant Row is home to restaurants of all shapes and sizes, but nothing in the city comes close to Saté Kampar, mere weeks away from its grand opening. The authenticity of the restaurant alone is something to get excited about, but then again, so is drinking straight out of coconuts, ripping grilled meat off skewers, and unfastening steamy banana leaves of nasi ulam.
Projected opening: January 2016.
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Spot Burgers

Address: 2821 West Girard Avenue
From: Josh Kim 
The situation: Josh Kim, owner of the itty-bitty, school bus yellow burger, steak and pork cart, Spot Burgers, was anticipating a late-November opening for his brick-and-mortar spin-off, but due to some delay in construction, the restaurant is still nearing completion (94% done, according to Kim's Facebook). Figure sooner rather than later, Brewerytown will be getting a healthy dose of burgers, porks, steaks and shakes, done right, in a space just as yellow as its lowly, little cart. 
Projected opening: First quarter 2016.
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Address: 701 South 4th Street
From: Chris D'Ambro and Marina De Oliveira
The situation: The beloved 4th Street institution changed hands back in May 2015, and after some healthy negotiation, the new owners, Chris D'Ambro and Marina De Oliveira, are giving the restaurant a bit of a refresh. Having cooked in some of Philly's, and the world's, best restaurants, D'Ambro's résumé makes Southwark's reincarnation, still with a serious cocktail menu, now boasting a late-night kitchen and refurbished interior, an exciting Queen Village addition.
Projected opening: First quarter 2016.

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Double knot

Address: 120 South 13th Street
From: Michael Schulson
The situation: Schulson (Sampan, Independence Beer Garden) expands his Philly empire with the Double Knot, a multi-concept experience promising a little bit of everything under one roof. During the day, the ground level will host a coffee and curio-shop, and come nighttime, the space will transform into a bar. The larger, lower level will be home to a robatayaki and sushi restaurant.
Projected opening: First quarter 2016.
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Bar one

Address: 767 South 9th Street
From: Ralph's Italian Restaurant family.
The situation: The crew behind Ralph's, American's oldest Italian restaurant, is expanding across the street to a space once host to The Wishing Well. Come April, expect Italian bar food, cocktails, and brunch from a family business that's been successful since 1900. 
Projected opening: April 2016.
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Address: 108 South 18th Street
From: Zesto Pizza & Grill crew 
The situation: The former Good Stuff Eatery will go from burgers to steaks with a cheesesteak restaurant by the crew behind Zesto Pizza & Grill. The cheesesteaks will focus on fresh rib-eye, somewhere in between chopped and slab, fries, shakes, and beer, eat-in, take-out, or delivered.
Projected opening: First quarter 2016.
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Address: 3417 Spruce Street
From: Jose Andres
The situation: University of Pennsylvania's Houston Hall will be home to the ever-expanding super-star chef Jose Andres's Beefsteak concept. Come winter, diners will have their fill of fast-casual, vegetable-focused dishes, topped with their choice of protein.
Projected opening: First quarter 2016.
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Fishtown social

Address: 1525 Frankford Avenue
From: Vanessa Wong
The situation: Fishtown gets a neighborhood wine café at the corner of Frankford Avenue and Oxford Streets. For the winos of Fishtown: you'll soon have a home with a nifty selection of draft wine and beer, alongside small plates of snacks and bites, 
Projected opening: First quarter 2016.