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Look Around Philly's First &pizza, Now Open in Center City

Fast-casual pizza for lunch, dinner, and late-night

&pizza, the much beloved DC-based fast-casual pizza chain, just opened its first store outside of its DC-area comfort zone — in Center City to be exact, on 15th Street, just half a block south of Walnut Street. And for Washingtonians (and its surrounding community), &pizza is a big deal — in just four years, the brand has grown a cult-like group of devotees, some even branding their bodies with the iconic ampersand tattoo (you get free pizza for a year that way).

From the looks of it, Philly got excited about it, too. Lines extended down Walnut Street for a shot at free pizza — the first 215 people in line got a freebie. But just in case you couldn't make it, you can still peruse the menu here, and up above, you can take a virtual tour of the store. Local Philly muralist Joe Boruchow helped with the interior decor.

Shop hours are 11 a.m. - 11 p.m. Sunday to Wednesday, till midnight on Thursday, and till 3 a.m. on weekend nights.