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It's Here: Eater Sweets Week

Got a sweet tooth? So do we


You’ve seen it before, and you’ll see it again: an Eater-driven, week-long theme week (remember Barbecue Week? How about Breakfast Week?).This week, it’s Sweets Week, and it officially starts today.

Now through Friday, Eater Philly will participate in all sorts of sugary coverage: maps of our best bakeries, guides to some of our city's ultimate desserts, or gorgeous photos of our fanciest chocolates, because here in Philly, sweets — whatever they may be, in whatever form they make take — are taken seriously.

Follow along on the site, or via our many social media outlets: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or even through Eater's free newsletter. Don’t forget to check the rest of the Eater network for nationwide coverage, and be sure to hit up the tipline with any good recommendations you might have up your sleeve.