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Whole-Animal Sandwich Shop Opening Next Week

Stockyard Sandwich Company is just about ready to go

Wall mural inside Stockyard

After a long summer for meat lovers waiting for Stockyard Sandwich Co. to open its doors, house made bacon, sausage, and pastrami has nearly arrived in Spring Garden.

The chef-driven nose-to-tail eatery will soft open Monday, October 10, according to chef/owner William Lindsay.

Open for breakfast at 7am, custom sandwiches mix-and-match bread (baguette, everything muffin, or potato bun), eggs, protein (made in house), cheese, and sauce. Lunch and dinner (until 10 p.m.) involve thoughtfully-prepared, creative sandwiches and salads. Think riffs on cheesesteaks with braised beef and house-made whiz, a whole pig bahn mi, and pan roasted chicken with fennel, kale, butternut squash puree and cranberry mustard. Vegetarian friends are welcome too: they should try the Brussels sprout and mushroom sandwich on a baguette with shallot, apple, fennel and tofu.

The menu will change seasonally and incorporate local vegetables, with whole animal protein.

Industry veterans Will Lindsay and Mike Metzger met as chefs at University City's White Dog Café. Lindsay has also worked at Mercato and Morimoto. Metzger worked at Pumpkin and Kensington Quarters.

Lindsay and Metzger say that their experience cooking in upscale restaurants inspired them to join forces to take quality ingredients and turn them into gourmet sandwiches at Stockyard.