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275-Year-Old Bucks County Tavern Opening a Fishtown Outpost

And it’s bringing all of its old-school cool with it

Yesterday’s Tavern will become The Pineville

The original Pineville Tavern was erected in 1742 along a stagecoach route — shelter and food for travelers, visitors, and Bucks County locals alike. This coming spring, 275 years later, the Tavern will get its first sister restaurant in hoppin’ Fishtown at 2448 East Huntington Street.

Andrew and Drew Abruzzese, owner-operators of the Tavern for 27 years now, partnered with big-time Philly real estate mogul and councilman Allan Domb who landed them the vacant Yesterday’s Tavern space. The new concept will be called The Pineville, a two-story restaurant and lounge serving “elevated tavern fare” that the Abruzzeses hope will draw in “millennials, their parents and longtime neighborhood residents.”

On the first floor, it’ll be the usual bar-dining room set-up—30 seats on the floor, 25 at the rail. Up top, they're going for more of a lounge situation complete with a raw bar and Steinway concert grand piano from Frederick “Babe” Koslowski of Port Richmond’s Babe’s Steakhouse of old. The interior’s decor will fit the bill, styled after the centuries-old tradition of corner bars in Philly.

The menu will include all of the Pineville Tavern staples like homemade ravioli, “Bawlmer” crab cakes, fried chicken, ribs, and the award-winning Million Dollar Bacon Burger and 32-ounce “Luger Style” Steak For Two, as well as a hand-carved meat steam table. On tap: 8-10 locally-brewed craft beers, plus Miller High Life and PBR, as well as old-school Philly hits Schaefer, Schmidt’s and Schlitz.

Dinner will be served Monday through Sunday (with a family-style dinner on Sundays), plus Saturday lunch and Sunday brunch. A takeout window open from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. will deal out fried chicken, ribs, sandwiches, plus beer and wine.