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Di Bruno Bros. Just Started Selling Wine, the Circle is Now Complete

Get your bottle at The Franklin location

Philly’s treasured purveyor of imported cheeses, cured meats, and specialty items is now selling wine bottles to-go, courtesy of the PLCB’s Act 39 liquor license extension.

This is a pretty big deal for no other reason than wine was all that was really missing to the Di Bruno Bros. experience. What started as just a humble cheese shop in the Italian Market, has, in its 75-year-existence, turned into a Philadelphia household name. They’ve expanded their reach to five different locations around the city and suburbs, they’ve introduced vegan options, an impressive craft beer shop, and wines by-the-glass to their menus, but all the while, wine was never part of the equation, even though everything they sell begs for it.

But now? Now it’s a new world for Di Bruno Bros. At The Franklin location (at 834 Chestnut Street), you can purchase some stinky Roquefort, local dark chocolate, and a bottle of 2007 Brunello to pair. At your next party, you can stock up on prosciutto, truffle honey, and small production grower Champagne from Pehu-Simmonet. The Di Bruno Bros. experience is now, and finally, whole.

President and third-generation owner of Di Bruno Bros. William Mignucci, Jr. said, “The opportunity to pair great wines with great cheese is long overdue and Di Bruno Bros. is thrilled to be able to expand our customers' experience by offering both. Now that the door is open for us to selling fine wines and craft beers you can expect Di Bruno Bros. to slowly acquire liquor licenses for some of its other stores as well.”

Di Bruno Bros.

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