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Jose Garces Expands His Empire to Bucks County

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New Hope’s Playhouse Inn signs the Iron Chef

Boy, has Jose Garces been busy. A few months ago, Philly’s most prolific Iron Chef announced his fast-casual Baja-inspired taqueria Buena Onda expansion into Rittenhouse, tomorrow he opens 24 Wood Fired Fare on 24th and Walnut Streets, and today, he announced that he’ll be taking his talents to New Hope, in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, at the newly redeveloped Playhouse Inn, as a “food and beverage partner”.

After nearly a decade of vacancy, New Hope’s Riverfront Revitalization Strategic Plan will finally breathe new life into 50 S. Main Street with a November 9, 5 p.m. groundbreaking announcement. Plans for the space — which is set to officially reopen in 2018 — include 12 rooms and several dining “experiences” for guests and the public. What those experiences are have yet to be divulged, but you can rest easy knowing Garces’s Luna Farm will probably play a big part given its proximity (about 30 minutes away) to New Hope.