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One of Philly’s First Coffee Roasters Just Opened a Tiny Cafe on Washington Square

Philly Fair Trade Roasters Caffe takes over the former Lore’s Espresso

After 14 years of micro-roasting out of a small factory Northeast Philly, one of Philly’s original coffee roasters, Philly Fair Trade Roasters, opened a cafe just off Washington Square today, November 7.

Philly Fair Trade Roasters Caffe has taken over the old Lore’s Espresso and Cappuccino Bar on 36 South 7th Street, right next door to the ever-so-adorable Lore’s Chocolates. PFTR’s Adam Lees tells Eater they’ll be open every day from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m., weekdays only (for now), serving up their locally roasted, organic, fair-trade-certified, single origin coffee and espresso drinks. While coffee’s third wave tends to lean towards lighter cups of coffee, Philly Fair Trade is sticking to its “old-school, Italian roasting style” roots. Everything on the small menu, from the baked goods — get your Market Day canelés here — down to the cream in your latte (from Trickling Springs Creamery) is made locally.