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Breakfast Week Is Happening Right Now

"Wake up and smell the hummus." — Genie, Aladdin (1992)

Brunic's Luncheonette
Brunic's Luncheonette
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Welcome to Eater's first-ever Breakfast Week. Starting right now and lasting through Friday evening, Eater Philly (and all Eaters across the universe) will be obsessing over breakfast and brunch. Keep an eye out for a variety of features, maps, polls, and photo essays highlighting all the ins and outs of Philly's morning time.

Watch this page for an archive of Breakfast Week stories. We'll be posting in the usual places:” Facebook, Twitter, and of course, our Instagram account. In fact, over on Instagram, we'd love to see your Philly-area breakfast photos; just add the hashtags #eaterphilly and #breakfastweek to your best shots, and we'll be regramming some of our favorites.