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Take Home A Jar Of This Cult-Followed Hot Sauce

Release the Carter!

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Carter Sauce
Carter Sauce
Cafe Lift/Facebook

Michael and Jeniphur Pasquarello's all-day bruncherie, Cafe Lift, has a devout group of admirers. They are a loyal bunch, oftentimes packing the room no matter the day, munching on fancy benedicts and those ever-beloved lemon ricotta pancakes. And quietly, with all but a few Yelp mentions, Lift's homemade hot sauce has turned into one of the city's elite options, perfect on, well, anything at all.

As of this past weekend, the hot sauce, labeled "Carter Sauce", is now available for purchase at the cafe for $10 a jar. And for those prone to allergies and aversions: the sauce is gluten and dairy free. Keep in mind: it's a small production; it's safe to assume jars will sell out quickly.

Cafe Lift

1124 Spring Garden Street, , PA 19123 (215) 922-3031 Visit Website