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Cleavers Aims to be the Cheesesteak Joint of Rittenhouses's Dreams

Your every-day cheesesteak shop with just a little more frill than usual.


Last November, Eater broke news about a cheesesteak shop replacing the now-shuttered Good Stuff Eatery at 108 South 18th Street. Brothers Ted and Sav Bouikidis, owners of Zesto Pizza & Grill, with friends Dimitri and Electra Poulimenos, snatched up the high-traffic space and named it Cleavers. From the beginning, Ted promised some of the "best cheesesteaks in Philadelphia", and now that they're close to opening (sometime in the beginning of March), the concept is a little more fleshed out.

The 45 seater's 100% USDA domestic rib-eye cheesesteaks will be somewhere between chopped and slab, and if chicken steaks are more your fancy, you can choose between the char-broiled chicken cheesesteak, or a cutlet-style sandwich — like what you might find in a South Philly sandwich joint. Fries will come in all varieties: fried pickles, zucchini sticks, fried spicy green beans, and either garlic parmesan or steak-topped fries.

Drink-wise, remember, Good Stuff Eatery had a liquor license, and now so does Cleavers. Expect craft beers and spiked milkshakes. Hours will go from 11 a.m. - 10 p.m. on weekdays, and an hour later on weekends.

Stay tuned for pictures and menus.


108 S 18th St, Philadelphia, PA 19103, USA