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Dave Feola IN at SouthGate, Replaces Clara Park

The Korean pub gets a new chef.

Clara Park has moved on from her role as the chef who opened Korean bar, Southgate, and though her replacement might not be a name you know, you'll surely know the restaurant that most recently employed him.

Dave Feola was the longtime sous chef at Vernick prior to his move to take the helm of Philly's newest spot for Korean fried chicken. And don't worry, the aforementioned gochugaru-spiced fried chicken isn't going anywhere, but the new menu continues to evolve with distinctly cheffy daily specials: kimchi deviled eggs with uni and tarragon; marinated octopus with gai-lan, orange and jalapeño; and a neat cylinder of beef tartare with miso mustard and yuzu pickles. Stay tuned to see how Feola makes the menu his own.


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