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P.J. Clarke's En Route to Washington Square West

Trending: N.Y. restaurants opening locations in Philly.

P.J. Clarke's
P.J. Clarke's
The Curtis/Facebook

P.J. Clarke's, the prominent New York City restaurant with locations in Washington D.C. and Brazil, is heading to Washington Square — more specifically The Curtis.

The historic location at 6th and Walnut Streets is befitting of a restaurant like P.J. Clarke's, bearing in mind the historical relevance its had in Manhatten since 1884, surviving the Depression, Prohibition, two World Wars, and the ever-growing landscape that is New York City. But opening in Philadelphia is somewhat of a return home for owner Philip Scotti, his grandfather grew a small corner store called Genuardi's into a Philly-area super-chain (all Genuardi's locations have since closed).

The restaurant will occupy 11,000 square feet of the Curtis Center, and will offer both indoor and outdoor seating with views overlooking the park. So you can replicate that people-watching-at-Rouge experience with Washington Square and the "Cadillac of hamburgers".

The restaurant is aiming for a summer opening.

P.J. Clarke's

601 Walnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19106, USA