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You Can Now Buy Cans of La Colombe’s Draft Lattes

One small step for La Colombe, one giant leap for the coffee industry.

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Photo by Alexander Mansour

You've been prepped, and now they're ready: La Colombe's canned draft lattes have officially been released as of today, March 1. Unfortunately, the product has not yet arrived to Philly's café locations, as previously promised, though they are available online (with a nifty, little splash page, to boot). According to a La Colombe Fishtown staff member, the cans should arrive by Friday, March 4.

These draft latte cans are just one step in the direction of a very intentional market-takeover. For right now, they're starting with 30 million draft latte cans, with new product already in the works: canned black and whites (think La Colombe's Pure Black and draft latte mixed in a can), and mocha, which, according to La Colombe's co-owner Todd Carmichael tastes intensely like chocolate cake.