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Spring Garden Makes Way for Stockyard Sandwich Company

And it's going into an old U.S. Copy Center, of all places.

Stockyard Sandwich Co. replacing U.S. Copy Center
Stockyard Sandwich Co. replacing U.S. Copy Center

Spring Garden's dining scene keeps on rolling with the soon-to-be addition of Stockyard Sandwich Company, a collaborative effort by two young industry vets, Will Lindsay and Mike Metzger, at 1541 Spring Garden Street.

Lindsay and Metzger met cooking at University City's White Dog Café, where Metzger was sous before Lindsay worked up the ranks to help Metzger run the kitchen. Life for Lindsay post-White Dog included stints at Mercato and most recently under Starr's tutelage at Morimoto. Metzger worked in Pumpkin's kitchen before opening Kensington Quarters.

Lindsay acknowledges that the Stockyard concept came to fruition like any restaurant ideas: "We used to bullshit about it on the line."

The name came from Stockyard's big goal: utilize whole animals. They've kept their farm relationships strong while working their way through the industry, and they plan to keep them strong when Stockyard opens, bringing the farm to the people by way of elevated sandwiches.

Lindsay and Metzger looked all over for a space to house their concept, from Clark Park in West Philly to Queen Village, but the old 16th and Spring Garden U.S. Copy Center's close proximity to the community college and North Broad's flourishing build-out spoke to them.

Right now, they're in the thick of new-business-bureaucracy, and it being an ex-copy center, it's safe to say the cosmetics of the space are being, er, rearranged — Lindsay is hopeful for a beginning-of-April opening. But for an early taste of what's to come, the Stockyard guys will be holding a pop-up brunch at Urban Saloon this Sunday, March 6 from 11 a.m. - 3 p.m. For a general idea of Stockyard's offerings, check out the non-official menu on their website.

Stockyard Sandwich Company

1541 Spring Garden St, Philadelphia, PA 19130, USA