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Get Ready for Philly's First Mac and Cheese Restaurant

Mac Mart's brick-and-mortar is opening really soon

Though its location remains to be "officially" withheld, Mac Mart owner Marti Lieberman is close to opening Philly's first full-fledged mac and cheese restaurant just north of Rittenhouse Square. Lieberman, who's garnered herself some wild success with her Mac Mart Food Truck, decided to cement her place in Philly's dining world with a new fast-casual concept, off four wheels and within four walls, opening by the end of April (at the very latest, May 1).

Right now, she's still in the hiring stages, with a little construction left to be done in the space, but her menu is almost fully developed (check back for the official release). Through a fancy, new kiosk system, you'll be able to order from a menu of 8-12 "Classic Creations" — basically whatever you've been ordering from the truck for the past three years. The rest of the menu will follow the tried-and-true fast-casual model: Build Your Own Bowls, broken down by a mac and cheese base, a protein or topping (think bacon or lump crab), and finished with a "crunch" of your choosing.

Best of all, once it's settled in, Lieberman plans to keep the restaurant open late into the wee hours of the morning, for the surrounding bar crowd's convenience.