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Balboa’s Night of Awe Brings Something Magical to Fishtown

It's dinner and a show

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Alex Garfinkel (left) and magician, Adam Elbaum
Alex Garfinkel (left) and magician, Adam Elbaum
Alex Garfinkel/Facebook

Lately, Fishtown has turned into a place of opportunity. A judgement-free zone where chefs, or bagel buddies, or pizza-geniuses with a dream can go to open their passion projects, without having to adhere to the standards and best-practices chained down in more traditional restaurant environments.

Hidden among the residential homes that run along Susquehanna Avenue between Amber and Martha Streets (2109 E. Susquehanna Ave), a small kitchen venue is pumping out some of the most fascinating dinners happening in the city. And while pop-up dinners in Philly have become all the norm, AG Catering's Balboa Supper Club does it a little differently.

AG Catering chef-owner Alex Garfinkel and sleight-of-hand magician Adam Wayne Elbaum (, have recently announced three more dates this spring for their collaborative Night of AWE events, where Garfinkel and Elbaum go course for course (7 including an amuse bouche and High Street bread service), exchanging logic-defying card tricks for inventive, seasonal fare. Tickets go for $98 a head and dinners are BYOB, but wine is available free-of-charge for those who forget.

A Restaurant School at Walnut Hill grad, Garfinkel honed his craft working in some of Philly's best kitchens: Le Bec-Fin, Lacroix, Morimoto, Amada, then after a few years in one of world's best restaurants, Garfinkel decided to launch his catering company. Elbaum's story is a little different: a serial entrepreneur with businesses ranging from real estate to marsupial handling, Elbaum's biggest passion is, obviously, magic, which he's practiced for over 25 years. The two met because of similar social circles, but their friendship grew stronger after Elbaum's cousin, Jocelyn (a rep for New York specialty butcher DeBragga) was affianced to Garfinkel.

Now, with three new events slotted for spring, the two have begun to really expand their collaboration dinner, making it more accessible to folks interested in adding a little more awe to their evenings.

Balboa Supper Club

2109 E Susquehanna Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19125, USA