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Church's Chicken Employee Shot While Bussing Tables

A horrific scene in North Philly

At 5:24 p.m. this past Sunday, a customer at a North Philly Church's Chicken (3650 N. Broad Street) opened fire on a 19 year old employee for cleaning tables, per a report by 6ABC.

Store footage, above, shows the suspect, a black male in his 50s, dressed in all black with a fedora, entering the store at 5:11 p.m. While he ate, an employee cleaned some nearby tables, before the suspect grew angry, asking him to stop cleaning near him. Keith Parker, a witness on the scene, explained, "He was doing his job, but the guy kept saying, 'You can't be doing this spraying. I gotta eat. I gotta eat.'"

Josiah Myers, the employee's brother who also works at the store, intervened. Said Philadelphia Police Captain Nicholas Brown, "He just tried to keep his brother from getting involved or having an incident. Basically trying to keep things from escalating." The suspect left the store only to return moments later with a gun, shooting Myers in the back three times.

Myers was taken to Temple University Hospital and is in stable condition. The suspect is armed and dangerous — police encourage anybody with information about the suspect to call 911.