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A Weckerly's Brick-and-Mortar is Finally Happening

Nectarine Rosemary? Creme Fraiche Verbena? Absolutely

Weckerly's Ice Cream Sandwiches
Weckerly's Ice Cream Sandwiches

Weckerly's, Philly's French-style "micro-creamery" is opening a brick and mortar store at 9 West Girard Avenue, next door to Fishtown's Green Aisle Grocery, sometime by the end of this year.

West Philly's Chicory Florals, who also styled Hungry Pigeon's interior, will do the same for the new shop, and Weckerly's owners Jen and Andy Satinsky are calling upon Jen's sister to paint a mural inside the shop depicting the "farm to scoop" process the Satinsky's hold so dear to their hearts. The Satinsky's prides themselves on sourcing locally, using organic cream from Seven Stars Farm cows and eggs from Sandy Ridge Farm for their custard base (French-style typically means an egg-rich custard). While Little Baby's, the other Philly-based ice cream shop, goes after strange-but-delightful flavors, Weckerly's sticks to a simple custard flavored by fruits and herbs strictly of-the-season, and local just the same.

The new brick and mortar will scoop seven days a week and will serve six rotating ice creams plus two sorbets. There's no specific opening date set just yet, so until then, find Weckerly's products at these locations.