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The Dutch Set to Open in Pennsport Next Week

Some Double-Dutch action for South Philly

The Dutch - 1527 South 4th Street
The Dutch - 1527 South 4th Street
The Dutch/Official

Joncarl Lachman and Lee Styer's Pennsport bruncherie, The Dutch, is set to open by the weekend of the 16th. If you're in the 'hood, poke around 4th and Cross Streets towards the end of next week to see if there's a soft opening in the works.

The Dutch's origin story is two-part:

The concept was born from a night of sparkling wine. After service, a contest of omelettes broke out in Fond's kitchen, the two chefs competed to see who made the better omelette. "It was funny to see the difference between his and mine," says Lachman, "His is beautiful." It was a grand time for the once-neighbors, then friends, now business partners, and together, they decided to create a breakfast and lunch nook for the Pennsport neighborhood.

Part Two is in reference to the chefs' familial ancestry. Lachman, chef-owner of Northern European (primarily Dutch) BYOB, Noord, is a Dutchman through-and-through. Known to proudly wear orange and walk in wooden klompen, the genial chef will bring his European Dutch heritage to The Dutch's menu. Styer, on the other hand is a Dutchman of the Pennsylvania sort — Germanic in lineage (Deutsch), which, in a historical sense, would contradict the close friendship between the chefs. Of course, that's not the case in South Philly. Styer will incorporate his Pennsylvania Dutch roots onto the menu as well.

Rival Brothers is the local roast of choice, available by bottomless drip. Fresh-squeezed juices and teas (hot and cold) will be available once the crew's all settled in. Breakfast will be available all day, which means all the uitsmijters, ring bologna benedicts, dutch babies, and steak with beet-poached eggs you can handle until 3 p.m. (the restaurant is open Tuesday through Sunday, starting at 8 a.m.). The space seats 34 inside, plus 8-10 outside, weather permitting. Credits cards are accepted, but they're not taking reservations — feel free to put in your name at the door when it gets busy.

This coming Monday, April 11, will be The Dutch's open-house party, so stop by, see the space, and meet the family before it opens officially later in the week.